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Emelda Grace Furniture Vs Rattan

Emelda Grace Furniture Vs Rattan

There’s a common misconception that damage is done to outdoor furniture through Winter. This is not entirely the case. Damage to outdoor furniture, especially rattan furniture, is actually done during Spring and Summer through UV light. 



Synthetic rattan is plastic that is moulded and coloured to resemble traditional wicker rattan. UV energy (UV rays) cause plastic to degrade, making it weaker and ultimately causing it snap. Once this happens, it cannot be repaired, making your furniture unusable. Meaning you’ll be out shopping for a new set. This process can be delayed by adding UV stabilisers to the plastic during manufacturing to help prevent UV energy from penetrating the plastic. And this is where the problem starts for you as a consumer, how do you know how much UV protection is in the synthetic rattan you are buying? 


Companies do not tell you how much UV protection is in your furniture. So, the only way you can determine how long your furniture will last before it starts to breakdown and snap is by the warranty given with your furniture. If a company offers you a 12 moth warranty, they are telling you it will last 12 months before UV energy starts to make your rattan brittle. Anytime after the 12 months, and it could be 13 months, the rattan will start to become weaker, leading to it snapping. 

UV energy also causes fading, or bleaching as we call it in the trade. This will happen with your rattan as well as your cushion fabrics. Unless that is it has UV stabilisers.

Emelda Grace sustainable outdoor fabric furniture is created with the very finest UV resistant fabrics and materials. Our materials are also marine grade, meaning they can be used in marine environments such as aboard luxury yachts and next to the ocean. Salt water is another harmful substance for plastic and fabric.  

The fabrics we use to create Emelda Grace outdoor furniture are the world’s best for outdoor use, there is nothing better. They stand up to UV energy and salt water.  Making our furniture resistant to fading, stains (such as red wine), oil (such as sun tan lotion), mould and mildew and are bleach cleanable. Our furniture has a 5 year international warranty, whether aboard a luxury yacht moored in the Middle East – where there is lots of UV light – or in your garden in the UK. Now, this does not mean that after 5 years our furniture will become brittle and start to breakdown like synthetic rattan, it will only start to lose some of its original colour – as will any fabric exposed to UV light. But when it has happens, it will be slow and uniformed meaning you will probably not notice it unless you turn your furniture upside down to see the original shade. 

Emelda Grace sustainable outdoor furniture has a life expectancy of 15+ years meaning, you’ll probably be wanting a new set of furniture before it is actually time to replace it. And with our Buy Back scheme, when you are ready for a new set of furniture, we guarantee to buy it back from you. It comes back to our Midlands factory for a little TLC before we sell it on in our used marketplace. This gives you a percentage of your money back and opens up Emelda Grace furniture so someone who might be able to afford our furniture at full price. Also, this means a set of furniture is taken out of production, helping reduce carbon emissions further. It’s a win-win situation for you and our planet. 

Emelda Grace sustainable, luxury outdoor furniture is manufactured in the UK, using time honoured British craftsmanship. In a carbon study complied by the University of Birmingham Emelda Grace furniture is proven to have an average 72% lower carbon footprint versus similar fabric outdoor furniture made in China. So, not only will you get a higher quality of craftsmanship and longer warranty you will also be helping our planet in the process. 

To discover more feel free to get in touch through our website or by telephone to speak with one of our team. 

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