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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave the furniture outside all year round?

Yes. And there’s no need to cover it either. Emelda Grace furniture is protected against the elements, all year round. 

Will my furniture fade in the sunlight?

We use the very finest, non-fading, outdoor fabrics to create our furniture. Emelda Grace furniture has a 5 Year International warranty that covers resistance to fading, stains, oil, mould and mildew.  

Can the furniture get mouldy?

No. All the materials we use are resistant to mould and mildew. 

Is this furniture sustainable?

You bet it is. Versus similar furniture made in China, Emelda Grace has up to 91% smaller carbon footprint. And our Buy Back scheme will help drive that even lower, allowing both you and us to help our environment. 

What warranties are offered with the furniture

Emelda Grace furniture has a 5 Year International Warranty and a 10 Year Structural Warranty for home (residential) use. 

Do I need to apply weatherproof coatings?

Nope, never. All you need to do is apply your own sun lotion and then kick back and relax. And no, the sun lotion will not stain the furniture – it’s resistant to oils. 

What happens if the furniture gets wet?

Our furniture is designed to allow to water pass through it. On a warm day and in direct sunlight our furniture is dry to sit within as little as 10 minutes after a substantial downpour of rain. 

Is Emelda Grace a part of the Circular Economy

We certainly are, and we are very proud of it. Our British made furniture is built to last. This means you’ll be able to pass it on down through the family or, you can sell it back to us when you ready for a change. Either way, the furniture will go to a new home and help reduce carbon emissions further. And when Emelda Grace furniture does finally to come to end of life, it’s 100% recyclable. 

How comfortable is the furniture?

Emelda Grace furniture features an Advanced Tension Sprung Seat system. What this means is, our furniture is just as comfortable as high-quality indoor furniture – and that’s what our customers tell us. 

How do I clean the furniture?

Emelda Grace furniture is effortlessly cleaned with the use of a pressure washer. No chemicals or detergents are required. Just a good blast-off with a water pressure washer. Simple. 

Where is this furniture made?

Emelda Grace furniture is made just outside of the historic Spa Town of Droitwich in the heart of the Great British countryside. 

Does Emelda Grace offer a Buy Back Scheme

Yes, we do. When you’re ready for a change we promise buy your furniture back from you. We’ll give it a little TLC and sell it on in our used marketplace, Buy for Now. You’ll have some of your purchase price back in your pocket and the furniture will have a loving new home. Between us, we’ll be helping drive down carbon emissions too. 

Who delivers the furniture and what is included?

Emelda Grace furniture is delivered by our delivery teams so you can be assured of a seamless and courtesy experience throughout. Your delivery team will place the furniture in your desired location, unpackage it ready for use, take you through the care instructions and take away the packaging for recycling. All with a big smile on their face.