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Creating High-Quality Upholstered Furniture Since 1977

The Emelda Grace story is a story of family, of a belief in British manufacturing, and of a desire to create something sustainable. It starts back in 1977, when I was just a lad and my father set up in business, manufacturing and supplying upholstered furniture to leading retailers. I – almost literally – grew up in sofa factories: furniture, fabrics, foam, fillings and frames were all a part of my childhood. The company grew, producing as many as 300 sofas a week in the UK, then started working with overseas suppliers. It evolved further and today is a key supplier to the UK leisure industry

When I left school, I didn’t immediately follow in my father’s footsteps. Instead I went into the hospitality sector, starting as a trainee chef, but soon realising that I was better suited to a front-of-house customer-facing role. This opened up the possibility for international travel and showed me the importance of client experience and customer service, whatever the sector and wherever you’re doing business. I returned to the UK, taking over the reins of my father’s business some ten years ago. Then, in 2017, in partnership with my fiancée, Ivy, I set up Emelda Grace, with the dream of bringing furniture manufacturing back to the UK


There’s been a lot of learning since the first sofa was made in my father’s factory in the Seventies. We’ve learned a lot about manufacturing, about furniture and about upholstery. And we’ve learned a lot about all the elements that go into making a successful business built on family values. Ivy and I are in this together, proud to be running an innovative local business with a clear global vision, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you into the Emelda Grace community

Paul Grassick, Managing Director