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Fabric Swatches

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Free swatch samples

  • One sample pack per customer only
  • Each sample pack contains 5 colour fabric swatches
  • See T&C's for order limits 

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All Weather

Protected against the elements by design and by our innovative manufacturing techniques, our furniture can be left outside all year round, whatever weather the changing climate brings

​There’s no need to cover it – not even in the depths of winter

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Low Maintenance

What we're about to tell you next might surprise you, it usually does most people

The most you will ever need to do to our furniture is give it a good blast off with a pressure washer, once in a blue moon

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Advanced TensionSprung Seat System

All Emelda Grace collections use our Advanced Tension Sprung Seat system (ATSS), a traditional tension sprung seat, as found in high-quality indoor furniture

​The ATSS experience allows you to sink into the comfort of the seat, which adjusts to your personal weight, shape and posture.

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Market-Leading Warranties

Along with your new Emelda Grace furniture come some impressive warranties. 

​Our research tells us that no other company in Great Britain offers you better, or more robust, warranties than we do

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