Boris Square Dining

Mariana curved corner dining set seats eight...

Mariana curved corner dining set seats eight people comfortably. The curved corner seat means this part of the corner sofa can be used for dining and it not left redundant as with right angle corner sofas. Single and double bench seats accommodate three more diners or, double up as perfect footstools if you’re lounging.

The generous 110cm square dining table is great for dinner parties or drink receptions. Table is complete with centre hold for parasol. Parasol base will store discretely beneath the table.

A reversible lambskin coat with WOW effect and on top of that an ethical luxury fur alternative. Fur contrasting with fur, short contrasting with long - in this case both are winners because in combination with the block-stripe look they are unbeatable! What's more, the sleeves can be detached with a virtually invisible zip so this must-have can be worn not only as a coat but as a vest, too. A veritable eye-catcher which should not be missing in any woman's wardrobe.

Please be advised: Actual product color may differ slightly from the picture.